We are very thankful to all the publications and writers who have helped us promote
Buluh Straws in particular and look forwards in what is to come with our new products!

 99U - An online publication by

Telling the stories of creative leaders who are mastering their crafts, building incredible careers + shaping their industries.

Move Over, Canvas Totes: Reusable Straws Could Be the New ‘It’ Accessory, by Lauren Covello Jacobs



An online publication that is dedicated to making news and topics across sustainability accessible to all.

4 Types of Plastic-Free Straws Perfect for Kids, by Susanna Kohn



The Strategist - a site by the New York Magazine

An online publication helping you shop in the internet smartly.

The Best Reusable Straw Is Made of Silicone and Burns into Biodegradable Ash, by Lauren Levey




Online publication - Your Guide to Traveling the World!

The Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers in Your Life, by Faith Walls



Bay Area Recycling Organization

We were so proud to be part of the Bay ROC reduce waste campaign and  giveaway!

Thank you Chef Jerry James for your awesome video on reusables!