Buluh Straws - Discovery - 2 pack

This set of 2 Buluh Straws with a cleaner is a perfect way for you to experience drinking out of Bamboo Straws or introduce a family member or friend to Bamboo Straws! 

This set of 2 Buluh Straws is very popular for special events and an excellent way to inspire others to stay away from disposable plastic straws! 

We offer discounted prices for weddings and special events. Contact Us!  

Our bamboo straws originate in nature and are biodegradable, sustainable, and organically grown. Not only beautiful, Buluh Straws are strong, durable and 100% natural, containing NO inks or dyes. Each 8 inch straw derives from a single stem of bamboo, unique in its own variance of color, thickness, and texture. 



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